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Dunkirk Q95M-200 Condensing Gas Boiler

Dunkirk Q95M-200 Condensing Gas Boiler

Input Modulates from 80 to 200 MBH

When considering a condensing boiler for your home, ECR International provides you with a choice. We offer a fixed capacity boiler rated at 90% AFUE. The 95M is a modulating boiler with an AFUE of 95%. The modulation feature of the 95M allows the boiler to change its heat output relative to actual current load requirements. Modulating boiler applications are best for larger homes with many or small zones. In these applications the boiler will modulate to a lower output versus cycling on and off when the smaller zones call for heat, reducing temperature swings and maximizing comfort.

Dunkirk's Q95M-200 gas-fired modulating condensing boiler was the first 95% AFUE gas boiler available. Ideal for high efficiency replacement jobs, new homes, radiant heating, and domestic hot water applications, Q95M cost saving features include infinitely modulating capacity from 80 to 200 MBH, outdoor temperature reset, and domestic hot water priority. Intake and flue gasses can be piped with readily available 3" PVC to 60' and the contractor has the option of left, right or rear exit for return plumbing and gas piping. Piping connections on the rear and top of the units facilitate multiple boiler installations with boilers in close quarters and the integral condensate trap requires no field assembly. The unit features a standard 115v convenience outlet as well.

Efficiency: Energy Star Rated

Capacity: Input Modulates from 80 to 200 MBH

Heat Exchanger: Cast Aluminum

Combustion: Sealed Combustion

Venting: Direct Vent

Boiler Type: Hot Water


  • 95% AFUE rating
  • Sealed combustion
  • Direct-vent
  • Cast-aluminum mono block heat exchanger
  • Integrated modulating boiler control with high limit and probe type low water cut-off 
  • Direct spark igniter
  • Modulating burner, automatic gas valve and blower
  • Swing out control panel for easily accessible components
  • Safe, economical CPVC and PVC vent pipe
  • Natural gas or propane