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Dunkirk HL Indirect Hot Water Heater

Dunkirk HL (HotLine Storage Tank) Indirect Water Heater 

30-40-50-80-119 Gal

Innovation and cutting-edge technology characterize our hot water heater products. Our indirect water heater recycles boiler heat to provide unlimited hot water on demand.

The HotLine Storage Tank works in conjunction with a gas or oil-fired boiler to supply residential and commercial hot water needs more efficiently. HotLine tanks deliver 3 to 5 times more domestic hot water than electric or gas-fired water heaters.

Capacity: 30-40-50-80-119 Gal


  • Heavy-duty steel jacket
  • 2-inch foam insulation
  • Extra-thick magnesium anode rod protection
  • Porcelain-coated smooth coil and interior walls
  • 3/4 or 1-inch side connections
  • Dielectric fittings: coil inlet and outlets